Inclusive, Mission-Driven Mentorship

The CTG-Foundation’s youth mentorship
program is founded on the belief that
sports and mentorship can act as the
catalyst for youth development.

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Youth Mentorship

Through positive coaching, life skills and academic enrichment, we can pause, and take a moment to understand the fears, anxieties, hopes and goals of the youth in the program, which will then equip them with the tools and connections that will last a lifetime.

Ongoing meetings with mentors and community organizers, including law enforcement officials, will allow you to build relationships and cultivate their talents, while building a foundation of support and connection to their community. Each session consists of not only physical activity, but also mental wellness through open dialogue between participants and the organizational personnel.


Increased HighSchool Graduates

Lower High School Dropout Rates

Healthier Relationships And Lifestyle Choices

Better Attitudes toward Community & Police

Enhanced self esteem & Self confidence

Improved Behavior At home and at school

Stronger relationships With parents, teachers & Peers

Improved interpersonal Skills

Decreased likelihood of Drug & alcohol abuse

Curriculum Topics

Speaker panels
1:1 counseling opportunities
Community dialogues
Role-play and teambuilding scenarios
Self-esteem programming
Physical activity alongside elite coaches and athletes
Bonding through sports and physical activities
Wellness and life skills events


The CTG Foundation is centered on creating environments where individuals can feel safe at home and in their communities. Through a series of unique programming, the CTG Foundation builds trust and connections, closing the gap in the communities they serve.