Law Enforcement Training For Better Communities

The CTG Foundation strives to bring together community and law enforcement to create an intersection of understanding that can help
our communities and youth thrive and grow, ensuring tomorrow is
brighter than today.

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Law Enforcement Training &

Today’s current social climate has brought attention to the ruptured and spoiled relations between police and many of the communities they serve—particularly communities of color. The chasm between police and the communities they serve are among some of the greatest challenges facing us as today. Our program is designed to bring together all stakeholders to work collaboratively with our mentors to repair relations and develop trust and common ground across all areas of society
through a variety of de-escalation training programs.

Fit For Duty

Fit for Duty is a specialized training series focused on de-escalation tactics, safety techniques and methodology tailored to produce safe interactions between officers and civilians. In addition to physical training, the curriculum also integrates tools that promote health and mental wellness for officers and personnel. Each program is specifically designed to include:

The primary objective of de-escalation training is to provide police officers with safe, effective and efficient decision-making skills for any situation, including high pressure instances that may include uses of force.


  • Self-Control
  • Effective communication
  • Scene assessment and management
  • Physical de-escalation options
  • People management


  • Gaining voluntary compliance-through words, gestures, hand signals and mutual respect
  • Defusing high stress and intense interactions
  • Mitigating unintended consequences through calm and calculated communication
  • Officer And public safety
  • Police legitimacy

The training includes a set of empirically validated skills that can strengthen one’s ability to overcome adversity and challenges, manage stress, maintain peak performance, and thrive in their personal and professional life.

The skills are divided into three core themes:

  • Mind skills harness thinking to drive productive emotions, reactions, and physiology
  • Energy skills regulate energy and maintain vitality
  • Connection skills strengthen professional and personal relationships

Focus areas include:

  • Learned Optimism
  • Real-Time Resilience
  • Signature Character Strengths
  • Deliberate Breathing
  • Managing Difficult Conversations

By the end of this course, attendees will have a set of strategies and tools to call upon when managing stress, overcoming challenges and adapting to adversity.

From restraint techniques catered to safely secure non-compliant suspects to communication skills tailored to defuse potentially dangerous situations, Fit for Duty is designed to provide agencies with the additional tools needed to protect both officers and civilians.

Our view, supported by extensive fact-based research, is that the more comprehensive an officer’s training, the less likely that officer is to kill or injure a member of the population or to be killed or injured in the line of duty.


The CTG Foundation is centered on creating environments where individuals can feel safe at home and in their communities. Through a series of unique programming, the CTG Foundation builds trust and connections, closing the gap in the communities they serve.